Business Plan for Small Cafe

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Table of Content Marketing Plan 4 Introduce the product and/or service 4 Define the Market 4 Company Location 4 Demographics: 5 Demonstrate a market need, define market drivers: 5 Market Segmentation 5 Consumer and Menu Trends 6 Competition: 7 The Market and Competition 8 Government regulation 9 Business Cycle 9 Marketing Strategy 10 Pricing 11 Packaging 11 Advertising 11 Promotions 12 Distribution 13 Selling Incentives 13 Location Analysis 13 New Product Development 13 Sales Forecast: 14 Market Share: 15 Marketing Salaries Budget: 15 Competition 16 Legitimize claims and assertions 17 Marketing Budget 17 Operations Plan- The Enclave Bistro 17 Mission 18 Positioning Statement 18 Product and Service 18…show more content…
Dual Working adult families that prefer to dine-out with family and friends. Healthy eating individuals that are intrigued with enjoying a diverse selection of healthy recipes consisting of low-crabs, low-fat and organic foods. Consumer and Menu Trends What 's Hot on Restaurant Menus? A survey of more than 1,000 chefs shows that some of the hottest menu trends are bite-sized desserts, locally grown and organic produce, flatbread and bottled water. Additional "hot" items include pomegranates; figs; grass-fed and free-range meat; fresh herbs and exotic mushrooms; whole-grain breads and focaccia; Mediterranean, Latin American and Pan Asian fusion cuisines; salts, aged meats and ginger; pan-seared, grilled and braised items; specialty sandwiches; and Asian appetizers. (Information provided by Sales at full-service restaurants are projected to reach $182.9 billion in 2009, an increase of 1.0 percent over 2008. Quick service restaurants are projected to post sales of $163.8 billion in 2009, a gain of 4.0 percent over 2008. Eating-and-drinking places will see an increase in sales from 2008 of 2.2 percent, totaling $395 billion. (Information provided by Organic and Local Items Increase in Popularity. Organic items are growing in popularity across the board at table service restaurants. Among restaurants that currently serve organic items, 52 percent of fine dining, 42

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