Business Plan for The Consumer Robots Store

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Business Plan for CRS: The Consumer Robots Store, Inc. 1. Executive Summary Consumer robots are becoming increasingly commonplace for a number of reasons, including increased applications, capabilities and affordability. Some countries have set national goals to have consumer robots in every household in the near future. Consumer robots are already capable of various housecleaning functions, "watchdog" and receptionist activities. Some consumer robots have even been used to serve meals and beverages to dignitaries and their uses continue to expand. The business model envisioned herein could easily be adapted to include franchising opportunities as well. Many consumers may be unaware of the wide range of consumer robots that are already on the market. Finally, the consumer robot industry is expected to enjoy significant growth in the future as a result of an aging population that requires in-home support and companionship for quality of life considerations. 2. Proposal Section The business enterprise envisioned by this proposal involves establishing a consumer robot retail store, preferably in a high-traffic mall, where customers can see the latest technologies in action and select the robot or robots that best suit their needs. This type of outlet would appeal to a broad range of consumers. For example, younger consumers with busy schedules may be more interested in moderately priced robots that vacuum or mop floors and take care of other time-consuming
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