Business Plan for Wash Dry and Guard Detailing Essay examples

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Bachelors Capstone Final Project

Elizabeth M. Towler

Professor Ernest Norris

Table of Contents

Section 1: Executive Summary (Business Description) 2 Section 2: Code of Conduct 7 Section 3: Marketing Plan (Strategy and SWOT) 11 Section 4: Operations 16 Section 5: Finance 22 Section 6: Cash Flow Analysis 28 Section 7: Information Management 35 Section 8: Management Summary 42 References 50 Appendix 55

Section 1: Executive Summary

When considering the ideal type of business to
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The following Vision Statement has been established for Wash Dry and Guard Detailing:

“To provide the superior car care and detailing products and services that every vehicle owner wants, but rarely gets. We restore your car’s finish and interior to the factory settings.”

The reason this message has been chosen for articulation is because company managers believe that many customers within the target market that take great pride in maintaining their vehicle’s aesthetics often find themselves disappointed at products and/or services that do not deliver on the promises they make. Many of these products can be quite costly, which can lead to the overall pessimism by vehicle owners when it comes to new car care and detailing products and services entering the market. As a result, it is highly necessary for Wash Dry and Guard Detailing to clearly outline its values and goals for customers to see. Although this may not directly impact a prospective customers buying decision, it will enhance and strengthen the customer/business relationship as the products and services offered by the company continually live up to the promises made. Based on this it is clear just how important the development of a well written Vision Statement is during the business planning process.

Business Structure

The next crucial step in the business planning process is determining which business structure the
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