Business Plan for a Dive Shop

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Throughout the past block, MRT Management has been working on a business plan which from MRT Management prospective will have great an opportunity to become a successful business. MRT had to implement all the knowledge gained during the past three years at the Hotelschool The Hague in order to accomplish this report. Furthermore, personal experience and knowledge as well as intensive research were the foundation of this report. The following Business Plan is written for the benefit of our coach, Mrs. Jooste, and all other lecturers and teachers who helped and guided us through the process of developing our idea.

Moritz von Kummer, Roger Langmann and Thijs van Schijndel (MRT Management) hope that this report is easy to read,
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Security, comfort and the well being of DSDA guests are the core points of the dive shop idea – in cooperation with the experienced and well known Sheraton Mirage Resort and Spa. In comparison with competitors DSDA will offer distinguishable and unique products such as:

● Rescue Diver ● Dive Master ● Treasury Snorkeling
● Deep sea diving ● Night diving ● Photography Course

Additional focus will be put on employees and their level of education. Due to the widespread target market and different nationalities of DSDA customers, staff needs to speak different languages. This will be trained every six month in language programs as well as training courses regarding service procedures and handling latest dive technology.

The total investment for the first year is $ 385.044,78. The three managing partners will all put in $ 15.000 into the investment. The silent investor will invest $109.017,91 and the rest of the investment will come from the bank, namely 60%. The assets of DSDA will be the collateral for the loan. The investment will cover the costs of buying equipment as well as the pre opening expenses.

DSDA will become more and more profitable over the duration of its operations. The revenue as well as the net income will increase continuously as shown below. The revenue in the first year will be
$ 1.117.676,00, in

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