Business Plan for an Established Business

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Business Plan
Gary Reeves
Studio Upholstery
6810 W. Cheyenne
Las Vegas Nevada, 89108 (702)-380-8468 office Table of Contents
Table of Contents 2
Executive Summary
General Company Description 4
Products and Services 7
Marketing Plan 8
Operational Plan 15
Management and Organization 20
Personal Financial Statement 21
Financial History and Analysis 22
Financial Plan 23
Appendices 24

Executive Summary

Studio Upholstery provides a wide variety of services. We specialize in Antique, Custom Auto Restoration, Hot Rods, Custom Auto’s, and Marine . Mr.
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We bill according to each job individually, our labor is always $85.hrly.

Form of ownership: Joint Venture

Company history: Studio Upholstery has been in business for almost 3 years. A success was Sunland Dash and Accessories (sold out to partners). Previous failures were Unique Upholstery and Best Upholstery. We learned not to grow excessively without proper planning. Over a time span of 28 years as an Independent Upholsterer I am recognized as being one of the best in my field. Studio Upholstery has 2 employees. We sponsor different types of car shows and drives ex: Addictive (car club) toyz. The biggest problem was starting this business during it’s down season with no capital, and receiving no income for several months due to reinvesting into the business.

Most important strengths and core competencies: Expanding our services and catering to a variety of clients. By soliciting businesses with specialized needs. Advertising our experience in many different types of upholstery, our business will prosper. My biggest competitive strength is my ability to do both Auto and Furniture Upholstery. I have 28yrs of Upholstery experience. I enjoy inter-acting with customers, am very disciplined with strong working habits, as well as a Seasoned Upholsterer.

Long term: We plan to keep the accounts scheduled at a steady pace in order to keep the business thriving, and have a steady

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