Business Plan on Indoor Sports Complex

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[Type the document title] [Type the document subtitle] [Type the abstract of the document here. The abstract is typically a short summary of the contents of the document. Type the abstract of the document here. The abstract is typically a short summary of the contents of the document.] 2013 3/28/2013 TabTable of Contents 1.1 Business Model 7 1.1.1 Company Overview 7 1.1.3 Objectives 8 1.1.4 Mission 8 1.1.5 Vision 8 What is Futsal? 8 1.1.6 Facilities 9 1.1.7 SERVICES 10 1.1.8 Pitch 10 1.1.9 Sports Store 10 1.1.10 Food Court 10 1.2.1 Concept: 11 1.2.2 Location 11 1.2.3 Management 12 Company Ownership 12 1.2.4 Personnel 12 2 The marketing Plan 13 2.1 Market Analysis Summary…show more content…
Recognized by the FIFA as the official form of indoor football, it a star in its own rights. It is attractive for youth and middle aged corporate officials, who can exercise their passion for football long after the sun has gone down. After many arranged tournaments in the impromptu indoor sports complexes, there begs to be an organized solution for enthusiasts in this sport. That’s where “Sportsvana” comes in. It blends virtues of traditional football with an unprecedented package. We will offer a fully functioning sport store, sports rental, and food court and foosball table at our premises. Of those who are just about crazy for football, we offer an immersive experience bar any other. Even if you like a game in your playstation better, we dare to convert you. On the other side, it functions in its legal form as a partnership business, and its marketing channels, promotions and financial projections are shown in the proposal. We blend innovative marketing technique with a truly unique USP, and our strong suit is being able bond with people, being enthusiasts and players as well. That said, there is a need to upgrade the market to suit women’s needs as well, and we will see to regularly hosting women’s futsal tournament, and make it as popular as women basketball or handball in this country. With the mission and vision on our sight, we cannot but be hopeful of our future, building a greater tomorrow with this harmonious sport. 1.1

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