Business Planning And Talent Management

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Assignment 1 (Trends in Workforce Planning and Talent Management) Social Media in Workforce Planning The forms and procedures of recruiting have changed drastically in the United States over the years. One of the newer ways potential employers are recruiting is through social media. In a 2015 survey conducted by Society for Human Resource Management, 84 percent of organizations are using some type of social media for recruiting (Maurer, 2016). The study also found that organizations are looking for candidates not actively looking for a new job, or employees also called passive candidates (Maurer, 2016). From Facebook to LinkedIn, social media has been used for networking, branding and reputation, job searching, job posting, and screening potential employees. Platforms of Social Media There are various different platforms for social media used in workforce planning. For example, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn are the major social media platforms used. LinkedIn is the preferred platform for organization due it being a sole professional website. LinkedIn has become the most popular and effective site for recruiting (Maurer, 2016). The main purpose of LinkedIn is recruiting and networking within companies. Direct contact can be made with a recruiter, potential employee or company without applying for the position. Recruiters can also review profiles and invite promising candidates to apply. Organizations are also able to pay LinkedIn to have their open job postings
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