Business Policies And Strategies Of Wegmans Essay

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Business Policies and Strategies MGMT455 Mass Merchandising Lisa Rivera September 19, 2016 I. Introduction A. Mass Merchandising Industry for the major grocery store of Wegmans and their competitor Tops. II. Mission and Vision statement A. Wegmans. B. Tops. C. How they compare. III. SMART Goals and Objectives IV. Industry Analysis A. Super Store B. Produce C. Employees V. S.W.O.T.T Analysis A. Strengths B. Weaknesses C. Opportunities D. Threats E. Trends VI. Perceptual Map for Wegmans. A. Comparison Analysis B. What Wegmans offers vs. what Tops offers? C. Different Axis of High low vs. Low High quality. VII. Conclusion I. Introduction Wegmans is a supermarket chain that has 91 stores across the United States and is one of the largest privately owned supermarkets in the US. Wegmans ha 46,000 employees and as of 2015 has had an annual sales of over $7.9 billion. Wegmans is a family owned company that was founded in 1916 and headquartered in Rochester NY. Ranked at number four in Fortune magazine in 2016 and made the list of 100 best companies to work for. Danny Wegman the founder of the grocery store prided himself with providing the best quality product, produce and prepared foods. A. With Wegmans being a business in which started out as just a produce and fruit store and is what is now called the Rochester NY based chain store and with the many expansions it has made thru out the years to many different cities around the globe it is

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