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Business in Politics Politicians run the United States, or do they? Recent studies show that large corporations and businesses that fund candidates are actually behind what policies are being made, they also influence what laws are being changed or updated, and who wins these elections. It is no secret that these corporations play a vast role in politics. It takes a generous amount of money to fund a campaign and an even more substantial amount of money to fund a successful one. These large businesses choose which candidate would best fit their needs: depending on their beliefs, their morals, the outcome they wish to see, and issues they support or disagree with. Once they have chosen which side they wish to fund they can make a public or private donation to fuel the campaign. For every public contribution, two or three private contributions are being made. With new technology and a different way of banking, a corporation can choose to anonymously supply the candidate of their choice with the cash they need to make a lasting impression with their campaign and smaller more independent businesses or average independent people would never know the difference. The media chooses not to cast light on the private contributions that are being made at not only the national level, but also the federal and local levels as well. Those being made at the federal and local levels are harder for the average United States citizen to detect. Millions of dollars are being spent to put out
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