Business Portfolio

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Part I: Business Writing Steps

Targeted Audience:
Store Managers
Store Employees
Customers and the Public
Form of communications for various audiences:
Store Managers: Business Letter
Store Employees: Memo
Customers and Public: E-mail

Part II: Store Managers Business Letter
Just For Me Clothing
123 Retail Row  Clarksville  Tennessee  37042  (479) 876-5432 

March 27, 2012
Store Managers
Just For Me Clothing
108 W. Any Street
Rogers, TN 32026

Subject: Change in Store Hours

To all Store Managers:

I want to start off by saying how much I appreciate your dedication and hard work for this company. This letter is to inform you of the upcoming changes that will be made in
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To show you our appreciation and to join in our excitement, please accept this one time offer of 20% off your next purchase.


Your name
Public Relations Manager
Just For Me Clothing
Phone: (479) 876-5432
Fax: (479) 876- 5433

Part V: Reflection

A business portfolio encourages an individual to concentrate on which type of writing is best for their specified targeted audience. This project focused on three particular audiences: store managers, store employees, and customers. For each audience, a different document is required. The business letter was specified for all managers. It is important to relay all of the information to them since it is their job to be fully knowledgeable and responsible to communicate with their employees. The employees received a memo. This states the facts in a more upbeat fashion, informing which changes will benefit them and inspires them to keep up the good work. Although a letter to managers and a memo to employees may cover much of the same information, managers need to know facts and tips to alleviate possible issues that could arise. Whereas memos to the employees focuses on praising their hard work while trying to keep them motivated with any positive or negative changes; especially since a cheerful and motivated employee works harder than an one that is disappointed with the changes. A mass email was sent to
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