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Business Writing Portfolio Business Writing Portfolio Jacky Baker COM/285 January 04, 2011 Kenneth Mack Part I: Business Writing Steps Planning Analyzing the problem, defining your purposes, and analyzing the audience. Brainstorming information, benefits, and objections to include in the document. Gathering the information you need—from the message you’re answering, a person, a book, or the Web. Choosing a pattern of organization, making an outline, creating a list, writing headings. Writing Putting words on paper or on a screen. Writing can be lists, fragmentary notes, stream-of-consciousness writing, incomplete drafts, and ultimately a formal draft. Revising Evaluating your work and measuring…show more content…
Store managers. 2. Store employees. 3. Retail customers and the public. * Identify the communication channels. 1. Oral or written * What the message is intended to do 1. Persuade, inform, praise or shock. • Organize 1. The structure and format of the message. 2. Keep communication clear and concise. 3. Proofread the message. 4. Deliver the message. • Follow-up 1. Was the message clear to the audience? 2. Does the audience have additional questions? 3. Any extra communication required? Part II: Portfolio Business Letter: Store Managers Torres Clothing and Sales 1234 Jose Ave Ponce, PR 00123 November 8, 2010 Mr. XXXXXXX 1234 Jose Ave Ponce, PR 00123 RE: Torres Clothing and Sales Retail Stores Modified Operations Dear XXXXXXX We would like to thank you for your dedication and hard work you have provided this company over the years. You may be aware of the increases in operational costs. Trying to battle against these higher costs without affecting our employees, we want to take this opportunity to inform you of the upcoming changes to our retail chains. These changes should ease your current position, save our employees’ money and time, and in the end guarantee the survival of our company. Effective December 1, 2010, a workday will consist of 10 hours. Full-time employees will still
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