Business Practices Of The West Houston Medical Center Organization

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Business practices, in addition to guidelines on the matter of probable controversial impediments are a component of organizational ethics. This type of ethics is frequently motivated by the law; a copious amount of organizations practice ethics in order to be accepted by the community, not to mention in order to ensure a successful business. Ethical values can have a focal point on organizational concerns which assist the company in adhere to respectable practices within their establishment or corporation. I am part of the West Houston Medical Center organization, and the hospital’s mission statement states: “We are a family of dedicated Healthcare professionals committed to providing exceptional healthcare and service by exceeding the expectations of every patient, every day” (West Houston Medical Center, 2016). For that reason, it remains essential for all team members that we are responsible for ethical patient treatment centered together with patient valued care when it comes to providing caring for our patients. The care which patients receive along with the hospital 's business operation plays a substantial part in which way the members of the surrounding neighborhoods view the organization. The principal goal of the hospital is “To be one of the best hospitals in the country based on quality and satisfaction indicators” (West Houston Medical Center, 2016). We hold values such as “Put patients first and foremost”, “Treat each other with respect and dignity” combined

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