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Business practices are constantly changing along with the frequent changes of technology. These changes require imagination and invention in business. managers/leaders need to realize the importance of keeping themselves up to date. Creativity and innovation are significantly imperative to being competitive in today’s business world. Our HR department to strive to be more and more creative and innovative in terms of making new ideas and implementing productive processes into practice. For example, in places like Asia and China where populations are very crowded the creativity and innovation of the mopeds in now a revolution. Mopeds sales are leading automobile sales in some parts of the world because someone had an idea and brought it to fruition implemented into practice. When the leaders in an organization have this ability to conceive something original or unusual then implementing something new success isn’t far off. The people in the world today wants something new, better, and cost-effective. Creativity and innovation involve finding a new way of doing things be it product, process or design. Our HR department could be more creative and innovated by doing three things. Provide training, go global and create a diverse culture in the workforce.
My first suggestion for the HR department is for our organization to make available employee development in creativity and innovation practices. I purpose this type of training because everyone can generate ideas through a…
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