Business Problem: Grocery

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Business Problem: Grocery America The current state of the American economy has businesses across the country scrambling to find new ways to gain competitive advantages and improve their chances of survival. Companies large and small are facing tough times, and Grocery America is no exception. This large and well-known chain of retail grocery stores has been in business for nearly 25 years but now finds itself struggling to stay afloat. Currently the number five grocery retailer in the country, the company will have to find a way to climb to the lead position in its market to remain in business. By identifying the main problem for the company and preparing a plan for answering some basic research questions, Grocery America can begin its…show more content…
The responses can be mailed as well. For participation in phone surveys, customers will be given incentive of getting 10% off their next purchase when they revisit the store. When the surveys are completed through phone responses, customers will be given a code number for the participation in the survey. They will be told that their responses are appreciated and a token of appreciation is the discount that they are receiving. The store management will be accessing the sample through the phone responses. Instead of automated calls, there will be a live person on the line to ask questions and record the responses as it has been seen that consumers do like to communicate with someone who is willing to listen and respond to customer concerns. In addition to the phone surveys, there will be computer screens in the store at various locations, where customers can log in and answer the surveys which will take less time to answer and the questions will be short and clear. The survey questions will also include questions which will ask open ended questions for the customers to answer with responses where they can explain how they were treated by the employees during the transactions. The questions will be related to the customer service issues, the quality of the products offered by the store, ease of use of self check, cleanliness in the store. The customers like to have the opportunity to be able to return a faulty item or bad product without being hassled with
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