Business Process Alignment / Relationship Management Essay

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Knowledge Management
Knowledge is a valuable thing – something we hear all of the time. As Albert Einstein says “the only source of knowledge is experience.” As employees gain experience they gain knowledge, making it a very valuable commodity. In many companies it can be an upwards of one million dollars invested in employees.
IT Infrastructures
In dealing with global infrastructures there are twelve core capabilities that apply to IT and are used and they can be broken into three main groups.
• Business Enablement
• Strategy/Innovation
• Business Alignment/Relationship Management
• Solution Delivery/Support
• Business Intelligence
Business Process Alignment/Support
• IT Utility
• Service Management
• IT Infrastructure
• IT Business Operations
• Planning & Program/Project Management
• Supplier Relationship Management
• IT Architecture
• Business Performance
• IT Competencies/Culture

Armed with this information the global infrastructures need to be in alignment with the business strategies. They will want to be thinking of all business functions when designing projects and applications not just the “IT” perspective. They will need to make sure that they are making business more efficient, and providing platforms that account for the whole enterprise. Managers will also want to make sure that they have the skills and knowledge to propel these objectives and coherence in the work that they are completing and developing (Strnadl, 2006). While some of these
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