Business Process And Job Re Design

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Topic 1 Introduction (prepare for week2) 3 Topic 2 Business process and job re-design 4 Topic 3 Change Management 6 Topic 4 Benefits Management 7 Topic 5 Software and Information Systems Quality 10 References: 13  Topic 1 Introduction (prepare for week2) Define and describe the implementation phase and illustrate with an example. The implementation phase is where all relevant steps and processes are carried out in order to put a planned system into action. Once installed software is tested and reviewed to make sure the selected solutions are addressing the organisations requirements. Implementation is affected by multiple factors like the context of the organisation; its size, the roll out plan and current structures just to name a…show more content…
Without a clear understanding of the organisation and systems contextual factors an implementation plan can be ineffective and waste valuable resources. Two examples of contextual factors are: Company Size: Company size will dictate many areas of system implementation, Larger companies can afford to vast numbers of workers learning how to use new systems at a given time while they are installed at their work stations without losing a significant amount of productivity. On the other hand smaller companies of fewer than 30 employees cant afford to have large numbers of workers out learning how to use a system, they would need a more precise implementation plan so that the business can maintain an acceptable level of productivity. Technological maturity: Technological maturity refers to whether systems which are to be implemented are first gen which totally new and little testing and reference from how other companies or second third and so forth. Later generations are more viable as there are more likely to be other companies which can give accurate reviews and vouch for the quality of service. This contextual factor ties back to the company size where small companies cant afford to use untested systems as they may not have the finances available to keep changing around. Collaborative space – Outline an implementation plan (e.g. testing, installation, data conversion, training, OH&S, support…) and describe two important
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