Business Process And Quality Management For Project Success

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Business Process and Quality Management for Project Success - Option 1 The customer that spends his or her hard earned money on a product or service is the primary reason for quality management to be a major factor for a company’s business process. The mission and vision statements of various corporations are often worded with the quality of a product and the satisfaction of the consumer. This notion is fine; however, it takes discipline and commitment to truly achieve it. This commitment must start at the top of a corporation and spread vigorously throughout the entire company. Partial compliance will not yield the desired results a corporation needs to reduce waste and remain competitive in a global market place. Process Management and…show more content…
Consequently, with a weak or fractured foundation a process will crumble to the ground. Building quality parts as opposed to bulk production can minimize the cost of rework and waste; therefore, profits are increased as a result (Abdul-Kader, Ganjavi & Solaiman, 2010). This philosophy will naturally lend itself to a positive response from the consumer as ethics and integrity are valuable commodities. A manufacturer that boasts quality and delivers it to the consumer demonstrates its commitment to ethical behavior. In order to deliver a quality product, a manufacturer has a multitude of tools to accomplish it. Quality starts with understanding the process; therefore, Pareto charts and histograms are useful tools to visually display strengths and weaknesses in a process. The data captured can shine a light of opportunity where training may improve the process first pass yield rate (Goetsch & Davis, 2016). Training can only improve certain aspects of human error; consequently, management may need to invest in new technology and automation for tasks that are prone to operator error and include an unacceptable amount of rework and inspection. The key to all of this working starts with management’s commitment to excellence and its willingness to invest in the cost of training and equipment to meet the quality standards it implements. Strategic planning as it applies to quality If a corporation hails it has a strategic plan for quality, it may
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