Business Process Description Is A Map

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V. APPROACH TO BPMN Business process description is a map that helps us to navigate through our business activities. Using a map for navigation is quite normal in many activities, e.g., it is a must when we need to move something or be moved ourselves from one place to another. We have different maps for navigating in the physical space, marine maps, road maps, hiking maps, etc. The choice of a map depends on what we want to move, where and by what means. If we travel by car we need a road map, if we travel on foot in a mountain area, we need a hiking map. What is more, we may need several different types of maps, in case of emergency. For example, a simplified road map that shows how to get from one point to another will not help if we make a wrong turn somewhere on the way. We will need a detailed road map to get back to our initial course. Identify applicable sponsor/s here. If no sponsors, delete this text box (sponsors). VI. APPROACH TO CHOOSE BPMN If an organization is functionally structured and processes are not identified, it is suitable to use input/output view (for example, IDEF0), or agent-related view (for example, RAD). Input/output view suit mostly organizations that have formal ways of internal communications via some objects, like documents, files, etc. Then the processes can be discovered by following the movement of these objects inside the organization. Agent-related view suit mostly organizations that strictly define responsibilities for each

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