Business Process For A Small Company

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Abstract This Project is a group project of two and it’s a study of business process for a small company. In this study, our goal/objective is to understand how company can have better insights of the business by incorporating data warehouse and data mining into their current software environment. We will also try to explore which tool will be best for the company and how different data mining tools and techniques helps users to improve business process in terms of operational and management. Introduction In this paper we are trying to understand how specific company software can provide better information to users, improve the business process (sales), etc. by incorporating data mining and data warehouse concepts to their existing…show more content…
Company produces dairy products including cheese, ice cream, yogurt and milk. Company sales these products to retailers and small business owners. Company has a production facility where the goods (cheese, ice cream and yogurts) are produced. These finish goods are then transferred to three different regional distribution centers. Company salesmen collect their supplies and customer visiting list from the warehouse manager according to their assigned regional centers. Now salesmen visit their customers, sale goods and also take products back (from the previous sale) that customer doesn’t need. Salesmen carry a wireless device which has an application to create invoices. A salesman also takes a preorder for the next visit and collects payments. As salesmen are generating preorders, sales of this information is transferred to main office and warehouse database for further actions. Software Environment Currently company software database is collecting information from main office (information about the products, customers, employees, promotions, price of products), available inventory, inventory status from the distribution centers and sales information from the wireless devices. Present Issues in Warehouse and Accounting Department Now there are many issues /requirements from the warehouse and accounting department such as: • How to maximize customer visit by salesmen (Route Schedule) • How to promote other products to customer ( Suggest items lists and promotions)
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