Business Process Integration : Bank Of America Corporation A Fortune 500 For Profit

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Introduction Mergers and Acquisitions have been a fundamental growth principle in making a company bigger than the existing two companies by merging them together (merger) or one buying another (Acquisition). There are clear vision and long-term advantages in doing so. In short term this causes organizational integration, financial integration, market integration and business process integration challenges. This analysis examines the operations and supply chain principles at work in delivering the business process integration challenges pertaining to IT projects. Company Background Bank of America Corporation a fortune 500 for profit, publicly traded company with the primary purpose of making shareholder profitability and goal of service, commitment and philanthropy. A 200-year-old company built on premises of providing banking services to immigrants during the California gold rush at the time when some US banks did not offer these services to immigrants. It always looks to give back a portion of its profits to strengthen the global and local communities. Bank of America has grouped its businesses across 8 lines of businesses 1. Retail Banking & Distribution 2. Preferred & Small Business Banking 3. Merrill Lynch Wealth Management 4. U.S. Trust 5. Business Banking 6. Global Commercial Banking 7. Global Corporate and Investment Banking 8. Global Market Vision Statement To serve the core financial needs of people, companies and institutional investors, by connecting our

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