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Business process improvement initiatives prove to be some of the toughest projects for project managers. This is for a number of reasons, including:
• Most such projects affect the entire business, and it takes a significant amount of time to understand those affects
• There are many “moving parts” and trying to get the right resources secured for the project at the right time is frequently difficult to accomplish
• Some project managers can’t get past the fact that the process improvement initiative is an actual project and not an operation
• The work of the business must keep moving forward even with changes in processes

What Exactly Is a Process?
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In short, a process is a process, no matter how large or small. It is important to note the following key points.
• Many ITS processes exist and each maps in some way to a service provided to either an internal or external ITS customer.
• Processes often have touch points, and there are potential implications for customers when issues with one process impacts the processes that touch it.
Why Improve a Process?
Process improvement refers to making a process more effective, efficient, or transparent. Process improvement is relevant to all ITS areas because processes naturally degrade over time for any number of reasons. An organization that conducts process improvement focuses on proactive problem resolution in order to avoid operating in crisis management mode when process degradation occurs. Process improvement helps an organization:
• View process value through the eyes of the customer;
• Define, manage, and measure a process in order to regularly evaluate it using data-driven information;
• Break down process silos by contributing to an understanding of how processes interact and impact one another and customers;
• Reduce unnecessary business costs.
Process improvement at ITS does not place blame for process degradation. The primary goal is to identify and understand issues in order to recognize solutions and implement improvements to stay aligned with customer needs and expectations.
Risks of Not Improving Processes
When key
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