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Abstract: PegaSystem 's PRPC (PegaRules Process Commander) is the leader in Smart BPM Market. Today’s Date PRPC is adopted by many organizations for BPM (Business Process Management) Solutions.PRPC in itself comprises of automated solutions or frameworks to meet business challenges and derive amazing benefits in terms of time, costs and quality. It is also known for its agility in absorbing frequent changes to the requirements. Hence Most of the Companies adopt Iterative Methodologies (Agile, RUP, Scrum, ETC.) with pega platform Projects of big size have a tendency to change requirements throughout the Iterations. And hence is the Iterative Methodology the best approach for such Projects, because they are defined as Test Driven…show more content…
AUT can be used to create and run test cases within the application itself. It allows saving the test cases run once, and same can be used for future reference when a change requirement is implemented in application which certainly brings up the differences if any. Large project demands plenty of rules validations, AUT is the most preferable approach rather than Manual Testing. Where AUT can finish 100 rules validations in less than 1 minute against hours required for Manual Test Execution. Fig 1. Automated Unit Testing Dashboard Key Features of AUT Following are the key Features of AUT i. To record a scenario(Flow Rule/Decision Rule/Activities/Soap service Rule) and save it as a Test Case ii. To add input values and expected Results to the test case and save it iii. To Update the Test Case and save it at any point of time iv. To parameterize the Input values v. Compare current results with new data with previous runs of test cases, and (Ability to overwrite differences & re-baseline test cases) vi. Ability to Run Test cases from TMF vii. Ability to run a group of test cases as a test suite is one of the best features of AUT viii. Versioning of Test cases ix. To execute the test case, save the Result as part of Test Case x. Auto generation of Test Cases for Decision Tables xi. Ability to schedule the Test Suites to run automatically at periodic Intervals xii. To View Reports

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