Business Process Maturity Model Developed By Dr. Michael Hammer

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1. Introduction and Summary of Findings Enterprise Process Maturity plays an important role in identifying if the company’s business processes are “capable of delivering higher performance over time.” According to the Process and Enterprise Maturity Model developed by Dr. Michael Hammer, two characteristics namely, process enablers and enterprise capabilities are critical in this prospect. Process enablers are considered to be capable of determining “how well the process is able to function over time.” On the other hand, enterprise capabilities focus on attributes related to the entire organization to gauge the performance level of the company as a whole. Process enablers are measured in terms of the specification details on the…show more content…
While, company B under our study is at P-3 level, excluding the fact that they still need to significantly invest their effort in enhancing the knowledge of the performers, identity of the owners and the uses of the metrics. Also, if the company A put its efforts on improving and leveling up the skills of its performers, identity of its owners and HR systems, then it would be able to attain P-3 level! Both companies A and B are on E-2 level and it is apparent from our analysis that company B needs to work more on “Leadership Style”. Needless to say, should Company A level up on behavior and style of the leadership, customer focus culture and accountability in the governance, it would be able hoisting itself to E-3 level. 2. Interview Subject Information We interviewed 8 individuals from two large publicly traded manufacturing companies; 5 individuals were from pharmaceutical company and 3 were from the defense sector. Out of 8 interview subjects, 3 were “front- line professional or information system user”, other 3 were “first- level supervisor or manager”, and 2 were “middle manager.” Job titles for the front line professionals ranged from software engineer to senior information specialist to application delivery. Likewise, first –level supervisor’s job title extended from Lead SAP Business Analyst to Senior Information Specialist to Finance Supervisor. Similarly, middle managers were ERP Program Manager and Production Manager. From the defense
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