Business Process Of Smart Talk Company

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INTRODUCTION Smart Talk Company has been engaging in mobile accessories business from 1995. The main head office is located in Melbourne. The main operation of the company to purchase mobile phone accessories from Asian market and then sell them to retailers in Melbourne. The company was founded by two Australian Brothers Ben and Gary. Firstly they started their business with a small shop but due to technological advancement their business started to grow at a peak level. So they found a new company named Smart Talk Company and they started purchasing mobile accessories like head phones, Bluetooth accessories, cell phone covers, wireless keyboards, SIM cards, screen protectors and batteries from Asian countries. The company gives employment to at least one 60,000 people. Its business has accelerated from last three years and demand is increasing tremendously. Hence, company will require a new system which can help in managing more purchases from Asian countries. Therefore, we will discuss about new information system for acquisition and payment of products. 1.0 BUSINESS PROCESS OF SMART TALK COMPANY Business process is a collection of interrelated activities in any organization which gives detail about proper sequence of activities in form of flow chart. We will discuss about business process in Smart Talk Company. 1.1 Analysing customers’ needs First of all, the company analyses customers’ requirements because according to needs of customers, the
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