Business Process Outsourcing ( Bpo ) Industry Essay

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3.0 Marketing 3.1 Industry Voxpro is operating in the business process outsourcing (BPO) industry. The BPO sector has several key market drivers the first one being the rising awareness among firms about the advantages of outpouring some of which include cost saving, improved service provision, it allow the company to focus on their main production areas, and it enables the company to partner with skilled manpower (Mello 2014, p. 268). Hence, BPO is a popular sector and very marketable among firms that are looking for specialized services. The other market driver that makes BPO sector marketable is the need for global firms to reduce their cost and de-risk business operations in a fluctuating global economy. The rise and fall of gas and oil prices, the surge in terrorism and instability in some Arab countries, and the increase of immigration are among some of the factors that are causing global economic instability. The growing demand of BPO services in technology, financial, retail, and manufacturing industries makes BPO very lucrative among global brands whose main goal in growth and penetrating new markets. Another key driver is the convergence of social media platforms, web and mobile applications, which have become the main way by which customers to access information and purchase products and services. Lastly, the current trend of multi-source approach whereby IT operations and architecture are contracted to multiple vendors. Voxpro is helps firms achieve all the
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