Essay on Business Process Redesign Or Reengineering

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Business Process Redesign or Reengineering      Business Process Redesign (BPR) or Reengineering is "the fundamental rethinking and radical redesign of business processes to achieve dramatic improvements in critical, contemporary measures of performance, such as cost, quality, service, and speed" (Hammer and Champy, Reengineering). Since the BPR idea has surfaced it has been under constant ridicule by the popular press. They say it takes far too long, creates management headaches, fails 70% of the time, and it's only for big companies with big checkbooks (Hydrel...). However, I feel that with the right plan, the right people, and total commitment from those involved, BPR or Reengineering can work for…show more content…
The new computer system will also be used by the quality team to update their new metrics system. The quality team developed a completely new system for the reengineering process. This new metrics system continually updates them on changes in the market that deal with quality. This is important so they can deal with the changes right away and stay competitive. And finally the information team came in to wrap up the whole process and implement the new computer system. They design a system that fit the current demands but is able to grow and expand a the same rate as the company.      Due to total commitment from the right people, using the right methods Hydrel has successfully reengineered the process of order management and positioned the company for dramatic profitable growth. And they have proved my statement that reengineering can work for every company no matter what their size. The Texas Commerce Bank Experience      In early 1994, Texas Commerce Bank (TCB) launched a reengineering process called Process Improvement, which included every organizational process and all 9,000 employees (Betting...). TCB's goals for their program were: remove all employee frustrations associated with policies, processes, services, or products; change processes to improve quality, deliver improved service to customers, and eliminate unnecessary expenses (Betting...). However, TBC took a
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