Business Processes And Underlying Database Storage

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Brief Tourism is an important part of the Scottish economy and there are many websites available where you can hire a property for your holiday. Two such sites are and Your task as the designer is to analyse these websites from the point of view of their underlying design structure, business processes and underlying database storage (i.e. all of the sections 1,2,3 outlined in the task brief). Also you are asked to consider the design of an administration facility so that the company can track and analyse its customers and bookings. Site Plan & Templates I have examined some similar websites that can be used to book holidays to the Scottish highlands to enable me to design a website for the Scottish tourism. The tourism websites have something in common, a similar formula to attract tourists. They all shared a common page design and layout as they all have a homepage or the front page, a search and book tabs, a login or register tabs and a contact tabs. This tabs or links were all available for easy navigation and quick access to the said function. They also follow a general design for all the pages within each tabs. I will based my site on these build and their structure to allow me to create a website that would satisfy the requirements. Using the general design of other websites, I created a map for the site to show the whole structure. With this diagram it is easier to see how the website is connected to each page
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