Essay about Business Processing Outsourcing

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The documentary 1-800-India is a very informative documentary showing the out sourcing industry in India. The documentary goes beyond just out sourcing and shows the many benefits it has for the people in India. It tells how it has seventeen thousand employees, and about fifty percent of the employees are woman, which is a change for woman in the society. Twenty percent of woman in India have jobs now due to Business Process Outsourcing. This is good for India because more women are getting an education and are learning more than ever before. The men and woman of Business Processing Outsourcing have been educated, and are able to speak English and speak to people in places such as the United States and Australia. They are gaining a better…show more content…
One woman tells about how she was a doctor, one of the highest paying jobs in America, and she tells about how she changed jobs for less stress and more money. It gave her self confidence and now she is able to speak in front of a large group of people, whereas before she was not able to do. Women are now able to own and afford their own things and are becoming more independent. In the movie, one woman who works for Business Processing Outsourcing tells us about how her father before really didn’t respect her and was angry that he has a daughter. She tells about how she’s learning English so that she can move up in her job, and how she is able to help support her family. She is paying for many things for her family, and now her father loves her and wants her to stay home and help support the family. This is very much different from America because most families want their children to go out and have their own lives and be able to live on their own. The documentary also shows two woman who moved out of their parents houses and moved into an apartment together and how people think of them negatively because they’re working until late into the night and then come home and have boys over and party and dance and have fun and are assuming things about them. They speak about how they don’t like being judged just because they decided to live on their own and because they’re working until late at night doesn’t mean that they’re doing bad things, they’re just trying to make a
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