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Business Proposal 1. Executive summary The company will be incorporated in September 2015. We want to establish a canteen that is located at 19 Kitchener Drive in Darwin city. This is a middle-sized restaurant that serves and provides healthy contemporary style food. The location will be just outside the Charles Darwin University Business School and close to a dense population of Waterfront Precinct. The CDU Waterfront Campus was opened at the beginning of 2015 and there is an estimated student population of up to 600 students when at capacity, which will have a huge impact on the numbers in the Waterfront on a daily basis. However, the food price in Waterfront Precinct is relatively expensive and not affordable for most of the students. Moreover, it takes a long time to wait for serving the meal. Compared to competitive restaurants, we plan to provide cheap and fast food. In addition, we want to supply a variety of food from Asia, Europe, America as well as local food because most of students in business school are international students. We are currently financing a sum of start-up capital ($ 200,000) which will be used to purchase restaurant furnichure and decorate. According to the budget, the payback period is short which is about five months to recover costs. There is a conservative estimate of $250,000 net profit in the first year, and the risk of this project is low. 2. Project structure 2.1 Target consumer Students and staff of Charles Darwin University are our

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