Business Proposal: Earthly Delights

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The Boston area is a center of the arts and fashion. Many come to Boston to sample its unique flavor and culture. Boston has many different types of restaurant atmospheres and venue concepts. The Boston area draws business from the local community and from the tourist industry. This project proposal outlines plans to conduct market research on the feasibility of opening a new restaurant concept based on the organic and natural foods industry. Restaurants that feature organic foods are abundant, but there are no restaurants in this category that feature upscale cuisine. Earthly Delights intends to offer upscale fine dining featuring organic and all natural foods on its menu.

Business Proposal: Earthly Delights, Inc.
The Boston area has a dense population and a unique culture that combines the best of a major city with the unique culture of the eastern seaboard. Bostonians love to eat and love to explore foods that offer them something different from the norm. This proposal will explore the possibility of opening a restaurant that is based on a unique niche, which at this point remains unfulfilled in the Boston area. The government and other organizations have launched campaigns to make Americans more health conscious about what they eat and to make them aware of their activity levels during the day. This proposal explores the potential of opening a restaurant that features organic, all natural…

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