Business Proposal: Economic Analysis

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Business Proposal Economic Analysis
This economic analysis is for a proposed medium sized company that targets to undertake consultancy services to health care institution on improving Patient Satisfaction Scores. In this section of the business proposal, information on the industry, the market, and customer profile is given.
Hospitals are experiencing a surge in the volumes of demands for quality of care from patients and authorities. Patients make their decision on quality of care based on; how well communication flows to them from doctors and nurses, the ease of obtaining appointments, pain management measures used and the quality of information obtained upon discharge. To meet these requirements hospitals need to have an articulate measure on the actions taken based on the services provided and the cadre of clients served. The proposed consultancy intends to afford hospitals the much needed advice of the ideal measures.
Market Structure
The market structure of consultancy management is one that has numerous players providing services to a wide range of business in the economy. The players in the industry comprise of firms that are hired to oversee the management of accounts; management of company operations; management of staff; provide services relating to quality control and service provision while others look into marketing aspect of the hospital. The proposed business intends to provide advisory services relating to quality
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