Business Proposal For Introducing Investcorp Into The Swiss Market

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The White Paper outlines a business proposal for introducing Investcorp into the Swiss market that can offer the company an expansion in their sales, marketing, and clientele. Investcorp is a multifaceted company that deals with various corporate investments, real estate, alternative investment solutions, and credit management. The company has excelled in catering and serving private clients wealth and assets with institutional clients such as Tiffany & Company. Our purpose and objective is to illustrate how investing in Switzerland is not only compatible but profitable for the company. Switzerland is one of the world’s wealthiest, modern, and stable economies with one of the smallest taxation fees within the international market. The …show more content…

In regards, to the size of the investment we would estimate that they should spend anywhere from $550 million to $1 billion to startup their business in Switzerland. This is based off the fact that in 2007 they raised $750 million to invest in new middle markets in North America and Europe, and they also raised $1 billion in a Gulf Opportunity Fund in 2013. These findings demonstrate how the company was willing to raise and invest money because they see the significant return on investment for their company. Additionally, in 2008 their tech fund actually put $500 million into other tech firms to help them globalize. The fact that Investcorp currently manages approximately $21.4 billion in assets, their tech has been able to gain twice (return of investment) of what the company originally invested. Based on this information we can estimate the company can see a return investment of $2 billion to $3 billion entering the Swiss market.

The corporate social responsibility for Investcorp is to assess and take responsibility for the company 's effects on environmental and social well-being. Switzerland is one of the countries that holds companies responsible for environmental well-being. The Swiss government imposes their economic actors to assume their responsibilities towards society. This means that the government is reinforcing the position of Swiss enterprises in terms not only of their competitiveness but also with respects to the part they perform in

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