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Business Proposal Desirae Candelaria ECO/561 May 11, 2015 Joseph Krupka Mr. Will Bury’s Business Proposal In this present economic state maintaining competitiveness can be challenging along with the vital importance of increasing business profits in order to maintain healthy businesses. This proposal will discuss Will Bury and his privately developed technology that allows him to transform a piece of writing into a digital format for audio and or reading. This proposal will also discuss basic recommendations on how Mr. Will Bury may increase his revenues, adjust variable and fixed cost in efforts to maximize profits, reduce costs, and achieve ideal production levels. Mr. Will Bury holds the registered trademark on this audio…show more content…
An additional option would be for Mr. Will Bury to partner with a major retail to sell his product, giving his business the opportunity to expand. This will help and allow the potential customer to view and test the product before purchasing which would in turn increase consumer confidence. Because Mr. Will Bury currently operates his business out of his garage he presently has fixed costs that include a portion of his mortgage and utilities. His variable costs are royalty fees for copyrighted book titles, labor, and the materials used to convert the text and place them in a digital and audio format. In order or Mr. Will Bury to continue to improve his new technology he will need to hire additional labor to run the conversion process and help him in researching and securing copyrighted material appropriate for conversion. This will then allow Mr. Will Bury to increase his production and revenue; however, his variable costs will also increase. This will increase Mr. Will Bury’s total cost and will factor into the price he then sets for his product. When determining the cost per unit, Mr. Will Bury will have to add up all variable costs and divide by the number of units sold. As the business grows it would be wise for Mr. Will Bury to invest in other technology that reduces the conversion time for each book and increases opportunities for mass production. Initially the costs of these new
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