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A BUSINESS PLAN DESCRIBING EVIDENCE BASED INTERVENTION TO IMPROVE THE OUTCOME IN THE LATE STAGE OF ALZHEIMER DISEASE Name: Institution: A business plan describing evidence-based intervention to improve outcome in the late stage of Alzheimer disease Executive summary According to the “British Medical Journal (BMJ)” on the subject “Care plans for individuals with Alzheimer disease: Intuitively a good idea but hard to prove they are effective in practice.” It is seen that teaching based intervention for Alzheimer care are suggested by large professional organizations although it is not evident on who should undertake these models to the patients.…show more content…
In more than 6 million individuals in the United States living with Alzheimer, there are over 16 million relatives who are providing the on-going assistance that does include transportation, care management as well as attainment of health visits. The costs of the families offering prolonged care for this multifaceted condition are widespread and well recognized. With disease development up to the last stage, it is clear that families are at an increased danger considering the numerous threats that do include the financial constraints and stress. This business plan proposes that a strong evidence base is a vital requisite for information transformation. However, few interventions have been executed to practice. The journal of “Efficacy of psychosocial intervention in patients with mild Alzheimer's disease: the multicentre, rater-blinded, randomized Danish Alzheimer Intervention Study,” suggests that. The psychoanalysis along with the support plan did not have any other significant outcome on the primary outcomes at 12 months following the modification of multiple comparisons. Thus, this can have an impact on patients with reasonable Alzheimer disease to the caregivers (Waldroff, Buss, Eckermann, Rasmussen, Keiding, Rishoj, Siersma, Sorensen, Vogel & Waldemar, 2012). On the other part, the journal of “Measuring health-related-quality-of-life for Alzheimer's disease using the general public” shows that
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