Business Proposal for Textile Firm in Bangladesh

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Business proposal for Textile firm in Bangladesh

Name Of The Project: MANS Textiles

Nature Of The Project: 100% Export Oriented

Location: Gazipur

Type Of The Organization: Private Limited Company

Line Of Production: Spun Yarn of different counts (100% exportable)
Project Capacity: 28, 97, 415 Lbs.

Capital Outlay: Proposed project involves a total capital out-lay of Tk. 160.407 million

Means Of Finance: Sponsor's equity= 100 %


This organization is brightly enlightened in it's own mission which is a vital part of an organization. The most common ones are-

• To maximize the customer satisfaction through optimum profitable fashion.
• To reduce poverty
• Create new job opportunity
• To reduce the unemployment of the nation
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• Gas: Project will obtain gas from Titas Gas Transmission Distribution Co. Ltd. for operation of generators.
• Fuel: Project will need grease, lubricating oil, kerosene and diesel for maintenance of machines and starting of generators, and these will be purchased from local market.

Technology and Know-How
Bangladeshi technicians are well conversant and familiar with the technology involved in various stages of manufacturing yarn. Since country has 50 years of recorded history in spinning cotton and cotton blended yarn, there will be no dearth of qualified and experienced textile technologists trained and qualified both in the country and abroad.
Raw Materials:
The main raw materials consist of raw cotton which will be imported from various countries like CIS Countries, USA, Sudan, India and Pakistan etc.

Project is designed to meet the requirements of export-oriented garments industries which are dependent on imports of quality yarn from different countries; project will hardly satisfy 1% of the demand.

The main sponsors of the project are M. Jahangir Alam, Rezwanul Hamid, M Sawkat Hossain and M Azizur Rahman, highly enterprising, renowned, & experienced businessman cum industrialist. They obtained their Bachelor's degree in Business Administration from North South University. After completion of their education, they entered into construction business and become a well known figure in the construction arena

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