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Chapter 8 1. The first step in the process of organizing a business is to: a. determine the work that needs to be done. 2. The process of setting up individual departments to do specialized tasks is called: c. departmentalization. Learning Goal 2 3. The evolving business environment has made ____________ a critical managerial function. c. finding new employees 4. The principle of _______________ means that each person should know to whom they report, and that managers should have the right to give orders and expect others to follow. d. hierarchy of authority Learning Goal 3 5. Robin Banks is in a supervisor for a large, bureaucratic organization on the West Coast. According to the views of a bureaucratic…show more content…
It appears that H-P is moving toward a _______________ structure. a. more decentralized Learning Goal 4 10. The form of organizational structure that is most flexible, and allows the organization to take on new projects without adding to the organizational structure is the: c. Matrix. 11. Maria Escobar works as an attorney for a large East Coast consulting firm. Maria’s job is to act as an advisor to the consultants, to be sure that they do not confront any legal issues when they are working at the various clients’ job sites. Maria’s position would be classified as a __________ position. d. staff 12. Banana Computers is restructuring, and intends to implement cross-functional teams. All of the following are likely to serve on a cross-functional team except: b. an employee of Peelit, Inc. one of Banana’s competitors. 13. One of the advantages of the matrix organization is: b. It can result in creative solutions to problems. Learning Goal 5 14. When a firm is rating its processes and products against the best in the world, the firm is practicing: d. benchmarking. 15. An auto assembly plant in suburban Detroit is “connected” to its seat supplier in a way that the seat supplier has the information it needs to schedule its production to coordinate with the production of cars at the plant. The seat supplier knows, for example, that B. Goode’s cherry red

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