Business Report : Ethical And Management

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Business Report 1.0 TABLE OF CONTENTS Contents 1.0 TABLE OF CONTENTS 1 2.0 INTRODUCTION 2 3.1 ETHICAL ISSUES 3 ABSURD WORKING HOURS 3 EXPLOITING ‘NON-EMPLOYEES’ 3 THE FREE SHIFT SCAM 4 3.2 MANAGEMENT ISSUES 5 WORK HEALTH AND SAFETY 5 HUMAN SKILLS 5 3.3 EMPLOYING AND MANAGING CULTURE AND DIVERSITY 7 LEARNING ORGANISATION 7 AWARENESS 7 MOTHERS IN THE WORKFORCE 7 AGEING WORKFORCE 8 4.0 CONCLUSION 9 5.0 REFERENCES 10 2.0 INTRODUCTION This report will go into detail about ethical and management issues at 7-Eleven alongside the exploitation of ‘non-workers’ and the issues in China and India. This report also provides detail regarding the lack of ethical standards of managers, their profit-oriented goals, lack of human skills and recommendations on improving this. Additionally, this report will offer recommendations to companies about how to manage diversity such as inclusion programs as well as benefits to employees in order to have a more productive workplace which will help the company achieve its goals. 3.1 ETHICAL ISSUES ABSURD WORKING HOURS The clearest ethical issue is the absurd amount of hours that employees are working. In the most extreme cases, up to 84 hours per week on less than half the minimum wage (Ferguson and Toft, 2015). This is done in order for the company to increase profits and market share by being available 24 hours, seven days a week. An obvious and logical recommendation is to hire more employees. This will improve the cohesion

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