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 Designing business processes Assignment Task 2 - In-Depth Interview" Semester 2, 2014! ! ! ! ! ! Student’s Name: Trinh Bao Hoang Thu Student’s number: 26164280 Lecture: Dr. Richard Cooney Class time: Wed 1800-2100 Table of Contents:" I. ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! Service System! 3! II. Interview Reflection! 3! III. Outcomes! 4! IV. User Needs! 4! 1. Safety/Privacy! 4! 2. Accessibility! 5! 3. More is More! 5 I. ! Service System" I interviewed a friend of mine - Amanda Chen - a female shopper about her experiences and expectations of shopping online. Shopping online is the act of purchasing products or…show more content…
Referring my respondents as an ordinary ideal customer, my findings upon the interview are:! ! • Customer is aware of the threat of losing personal information on internet. ! • It’s important for customer to easily utilize and interact with the retail system online. ! • Customer wants more as the the globe is spinning. They want for more range of products, types of retailers (retailers with existing business or fresh new starter in online market), better post-sale service… and of course, more promotions. ! ! ! IV. User Needs" ! 1. Safety/Privacy" ! In my opinion, the first user need that should be look at is Safety/Privacy. The reasons why I believe Safety is the most important need in term of shopping online is that people are afraid of fraudulence, especially losing money. Scientists and marketing researchers found that, with the same amount of money, the human brain triggers more immense feeling and emotion when you lost it comparing to actually gaining it. Another words, people get hurt more when they loose $100, yet not so happy when they gain $100. It is the brain function that make us remember about the “lost”, more than a “gain”. An insecure customer, especially ones that had bad experience purchasing online is not a good sign for any online retailing business. Both respondents expressed one of their anxiety when shopping online is losing personal
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