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INTRODUCTION: Project Status Reports | The status report formats/examples start on page 3What This IsFive different formats and types of status information that can be used to summarize and communicate project status to the team and Management. * Document formats to capture status on one page and easily hand out, post, or email. * Simple 3-slide set for presenting top-level status to management in meetings * One-page format for summarizing status on multiple projects. Why It’s Useful Regular status reports help ensure that the team has clear visibility to the true state of a project and that Management stays properly informed about project progress, difficulties, and issues, by periodically getting the right kinds of…show more content…
actual work. Who are the project stakeholders besides those few people doing work on your project? Stakeholders are those who have some reason to care about the outcome of your project. They could be customers or users of the project’s eventual deliverable; they could be managers whose staff are working on the project; they could the ones providing the budget for the program. Do these people need to be informed of status along the way? What would they like to know about how the project is progressing? See format #4 – it shows how to summarize the project, status, and issues, in ‘slide format’ for easy reading. And of course, this info can simply be used as bullets in an email to the right people. * * Contents of the file: 1. Periodic Progress Summary Report: Report format for publishing progress, plans, and issues at regular intervals. 2. Project Status – Major Task Completion: Presents status for a project phase, with emphasis on reporting completion status of major tasks. 3. Project Status – Work-plan Measure: Presents status for a project phase, with emphasis on reporting completion metrics on various items. 4. Project Status Presentation: Provides typical 3-slide-per-project information bullets for summarizing project status in a management meeting. 5. Multiple-Project Status Summary: Provides one-page overview of current phase and planned completion date of a set of projects being updated. | The
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