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Fantasy ROCK will be a small business that provides entertainment and leisure activities. We will sell a variety of foods and beverages. Our menu will contain many dishes. A large appetizer section, Steaks, Chicken, sandwiches, hamburgers, soups and salads will be our specialty. We will sell several types of beer on tap and in bottles. A few micro brews such as Fat Tire Ale, and Honey Brown larger will be kept on tap, as well as the cheaper larger brands such as Budweiser and Coors. Several large screen TV’s will be placed through out the cafe’. They will be playing an assortment of things. Our main TV’s will be playing rock videos that go along to the music we are playing. Others will
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The placement of the store is vital to becoming a success. The layout of the restaurant must be very pleasing to the eye and allows a sense of openness and visual ability to view several TV screens.

The management of Fantasy ROCK will demonstrated its concepts, execution, marketability, and controls, and feels confident of it’s ability to replicate the restaurant once we choose to open a new store.

The following objectives have been established:

Have a single store operational by the year 2000 with a sequential time-line. Maintain high control of costs and operations be hiring quality management that will utilize computer records and data tracking. Keep food cost less than 32% of revenue. Keep beverage cost under 21% of revenue. Select only a location that meets all the parameters of success. Grow our single location to the $3 to $5 million annual sales level. Keep labor costs under 23% of revenue. KEYS TO SUCCESS The keys to success in achieving our goals are:

Product quality. Not just great tasting food but great service. Managing finances to enable better advertisement and growth of our customer base. Controlling costs at all times without exception.

Instituting management controls to insure replicability of operations once we decide to expand. This applies to product control and to financial
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