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Nowadays, Asian food plays an essential role in business, because the concept of it is to recreate the tastes of Asia in a casual and relaxed atmosphere and to provide people with tasty and healthy eating at a reasonable price, especially the shop located at Chinatown named ‘Green Noodles’. ‘Green Noodles’ is spreading its tastes of Asia across the country with brand awareness stores in South Australia, Western Australia and Queensland. The campaigns have been focus on positioning our brand as fresh Asian fast food dining and promoting other brand characteristics such as tasty, safe and genuine etc. Some people may think Asian food is tasty and healthy while other people hold the idea of Asian food may contain too much oil
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Marketers don't create the positioning; rather, they create the strategic and tactical suggestions to encourage the customer to accept a particular positioning in their minds.
As Asian food and culture is growing and the barriers to entry this market are relatively low so that we are facing with great competitions, not only with the other fast food providers, such as local Chinese and Thai takeaways, but also brands that offer similar meal with us, such as Noodle Box. Hence, we are facing the challenges which come from our competitors regarding on how we can get more people buy us more frequently. So we decided to provide customers with a healthy and green meal, which contains more vitamins and less oil in the noodle then that’s why we call the shop ‘Green Noodles’ in order to build a higher brand salience which will highly contribute to the increase of sales.

●Costly for organization using the new rule on share options
 Efficiency perspectives
It is predicted by Positive Accounting Theory that on an ex ante basis, mechanisms will be put in place that align the interests of the managers with those of the owners. According to Deegan (2009), as the new rules apply into the organization, it will make some uncertain costs for the company and the costs for agency problem will arise.
 Monitoring costs
The shareholders will put mechanisms which will cost them to monitor managers to prepare financial statements and audit those statements. As the new

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