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Business Report: PetSmart Introduction PetSmart is a leading retail store that sells specialty pet products and services. It operates more than 1200 stores in North America and is regarded as the biggest player in the pet supplies and services industry. It came to Canada in 1996 and its store is located at Quinn drive Sarnia. They sell consumables (i.e. pet foods and treats), hard goods (i.e. pet accessories) and also live small animals such as birds, hamsters, fish etc. they do not sell dogs or cats but rather most of the times have adopt a thons by collaborating with local animal rescues. Their stores are large in size and they have tried to make them bright and colorful to make sure that they don’t have a ware house type look. Another…show more content…
Product and Price Strategies: PetSmart aggressively prices their products to be lower or at least on par with other independent pet shop owners and competitive retail stores such as Walmart. They also have an in store discount card which gives the customer added benefits and loyalty rewards. In terms of product strategies, PetSmart owns several product lines catering to a variety of pet needs for example, ‘Simply Nourish’ for dogs and cats, and ‘Proquatics’ for fishes. 2. Customer Service: A major focus of PetSmart has been ensuring excellent customer service and an unmatched shopping experience. The most important principle to be followed by all PetSmart employees is to ensure that customer needs and wants are a 100% met and their satisfaction is guaranteed. A portion of their annual incentive is also directly dependent on customer feedback and satisfaction. PetSmart thus focuses on building lifelong relationships with pet owners and differentiates itself from being just another pet supplies retailer. 3. PetSmart Charities: PetSmart started various animal welfare activities especially for dogs and cats under the umbrella of PetSmart Charities. It undertakes services such as spaying, neutering, fighting pet homelessness and helping with adoption initiatives. This has helped portray an image of PetSmart as a socially responsible and ethically sound corporation. 4. Student Programs: PetSmart offers a number of student opportunities and
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