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Business Written Report My company is called Fashion Shoes, the service I offer to buy shoes online. I will be selling both, men and women shoes. For men, I will be selling working shoes, working boots, cowboy boots, tennis shoes, including others. For women, I will be selling high heels, boots, tennis shoes, sandals, and much more. My business is very different from others, because I sell my product online rather than at a store. Internet or technology is a huge world of deals, many of which are true innovations in the market and thanks to the network we can access all of them, even before they are released in some cases through exclusive special pre - Internet sales. Selling shoes online is a good strategy to make profit and to have and…show more content…
Perhaps, if the store does not have the right size or the shoes that the customer is looking for he/she might have to come back another time. This does not mean that my business will have all the types of shoes that my customers would want, but at least the customer will not waste time when he is shopping. An advantage is that the Internet market is very extensive, the prices are very competitive and better than in physical stores by competition between themselves, generating better prices for buyers and offers and exclusive discounts. Availability is another thing you can count on the advantage of the Internet when buying, times do not matter here as in physical stores, time is not important on the Internet; you can buy what you want when you want and receive it the comfort of your home. The way I would make money is by offering my customers different types of shoes. By giving them all the flexibility and the factors that I mentioned before will help me get more customers. My company will distribute the products globally. By going globally, our demand will go up because we will have more customers. The internationalization of a company involves expenses and to compensate them, we must add value to the company. The goal of a company should be to be international competitive advantage enabling it to outperform the competition. Most companies decide to internationalize adopting the old system of trial

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