Business Report On Xyz Electronics Company

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Executive Summary
In this business report, it’s really important to analyze the management of change in the global organizational world. Companies act differently to outside actions & change. Some run out of performance, competition & customers, while others develop and move forward and win over the competition.
The focus in this report is on XYZ Electronics Company, a major player in the global market where is started losing its magic in the market and losing customers then it had to follow a thorough and tough analysis of its internal managerial process, the overall company goal and culture and finally the operational factor whereas all their outcomes emphasized at that level.
The purpose of this report is to understand what a big successful firm should apply and do in a well fast developed world to facelift and revamp itself over time and to win over any crisis. Strategic resources planning, processes & values are the keys most of the companies in the commercial world embrace.
XYZ after it was one of the best and most major players in the electronic market, had started to lose its touch when it refused to run with the big flow of change, innovation & creativity that have invaded our business world. After a thorough thinking, they’ve decided that time has become to reinvent themselves and adapt their Resources, processes & values with what the current business world requires. (Christensen C.M. and Overdorf M, 2000).
The Organization, Problems citing &
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