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Business Report SOCIAL CUSTOMS Every country has it’s own social customs and gestures. Ireland has its share of social customs that differ from the United States, but for the most part the countries are relatively similar. Friendliness and hospitality have always been the hallmark of the Irish people. People in Ireland react to strangers very politely, as you would expect in most parts of the United States. The attitude toward foreigners in Ireland is reasonably friendly, and welcoming, as opposed to being hostile. In Ireland people greet each other much like they do in the United States. In a social setting, a handshake is appropriate when greeting another man, when greeting a woman a hug is appropriate. The manners in Ireland…show more content…
Tipping taxi drivers, porters, hairdressers, etc., is customary, but not obligatory.2 To refuse an invitation is viewed much like it would be in the United States. If it were necessary to decline an invitation, it would not be viewed offensively. When refusing an invitation, you would use a polite manner, as would be expected in any country, usually explaining the reasons for your absence. Eye contact is important when communicating in Ireland, as would be in any country. When conversing with someone it is appropriate to maintain eye contact, not allowing your eyes to wonder, and give the impression of disinterest. When non-verbally communicating, nodding your head is acceptable, where as when disagreeing shaking your head is acceptable.1 When in a social or business setting, there is no information alluding to inappropriate subjects. However, you should most likely exercise your best judgment, and refrain from talking about personal matters or opinions. There is no social hierarchy in the social structure of Ireland. The former colonial power shows no apparent power in present Ireland. CONCEPTS OF TIME Time is expressed in Ireland in the same way it is expressed in the United States. There is no deviation. Banks are generally open 10AM-3PM, Monday-Friday (closed for an hour midday). Shops are open from
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