Business Report : Sainsbury's Plc

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Sainsbury’s incentivise in making lives easier by delivering fair prices and quality services; location being key focus for both convenience and discount stores increasingly growing, enticing more consumers every day. J Sainsbury’s plc (2015) Strategic Report is divided in two sections; the non-financial KPIs are: Product Quality, Like-for-Like Transactions, Price perception, Sales growth, Service growth by Area/Channel, Availability and Customer Service that focuses on social responsibility as Fredrick (1960) and Friedman (1970) agrees in taking opportunities to fulfil the needs of stakeholders be it efficiency, that too ensuring the management follows governance, codes and compliance to minimise risks which enhances the socio-economic welfare as well as increasing strategies on financial KPIs following: Underlying Profit before Tax, Basic Earnings per Share, Cost Savings, Operating Cash-flow and Dividend per Share, hence keeping the balance sheets strong. Correspondingly, measuring profitability becomes important for shareholders, creditors, suppliers and investors: the question is whether there is a correlation between increased social responsibilities in increasing profits. In this essay, calculations and relevance will be given behind the KPIs; whether these measures attempts quantification of social responsibility or whether the underlying goal is actually increased profitability. Nonetheless, a judgment will be made on those findings.

Sainsbury’s use KPIs in…
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