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Executive Summary Taronga Zoo – officially opened on the 7th of October 1916 – has been able to withstand the test of time, and today – some ninety years after being established – remains a prime tourist attraction in the heart of Sydney. By remaining open daily from 9am to 5pm (365 days a year, even Christmas Day!) the zoo is able to ensure that all zoo goers (including tourists and families) have plenty of time to explore the zoo, to take in the amazing scenery and views and even attend a show or two! Included in the price of entry is a free Newspaper (Sydney Morning Herald), access to the Cable Car and free access to several shows the run throughout the day at the zoo (most notable of which is the improved Free Flight Bird…show more content…
The idea that ‘seen one zoo seen them all’ may also influence this choice ▪ Weakening Tourism Market – A heavy reliance is placed on the tourist dollar and if this falls it can have a gross affect on the zoo as a whole ▪ Manly Aquarium – Plans to open a Native Animal zoo above the aquarium may lead to customers turning away from the zoo,

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