Business Report Thai Tannic : Executive Summary

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Business Report Thai Tannic
Executive Summary:
Thai Tannic has proved to be a very successful restaurant, serving good quality Thai meals, to a significant proportion of the domestic market, in its two years of operation. The owners, now keen to capitalise on the sociocultural trends towards healthy lifestyles and diet, are looking to expand their business from Hornsby Westfield to Macquarie Shopping Centre. Thus, this report will address how Thai Tannic has achieved one financial goal of profit maximisation and one non- financial goal of being environmentally friendly. The report will also discuss how the 4 key business functions, i.e. operations, marketing, finance and human resources play a role in the expansion of Thai Tannic to achieve the business goals stated above. Furthermore, the report will deal with how the interdependence between the 4 key business functions will help to accomplish Thai Tannic’s expansion strategy as well as achieving its business goals, being in the growth phase of the business life cycle.

Financial and Non Financial Business Goal
ONE Financial Goal: Profit Maximisation
One financial business goal that Thai Tannic is aiming to achieve is to increase profits. Profit is what is left, after the costs of producing and supplying the product (expenses) have been deducted from money earned from sales (revenue). If Thai Tannic is unable to consistently make a profit it will fail. Only profitable businesses survive in the marketplace. As a starting…
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