Business Report: Tree House Child Care

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Business Report: Tree House Child Care

This report was prepared to advise Lynda Kelly on how to manage her businesses Tree House Child Care Centres. This report explains defines Planning, Organising, Leading and Controlling (POLC) can be used to manage the business, outlines the ethical and social responsibilities of the business and analyses some of the future prospects of Tree House Child Care.

The main role of management is to coordinate the business functions(Operations, Employment Relations, Marketing and Accounting and finance). These main roles can be grouped into 4 main groups; Planning, Organising, Leading and Controlling. These are known as POLC. The business functions mainly focus on there own tasks but must always
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Scheduling will increase efficiency as everyone will know where the business is up to and there will be no back tracking. Two ways of scheduling are a Gantt chart and a critical path analysis. Technology is the equipment and knowledge that are available to help businesses perform certain functions. Your managers need to be aware of the constant changes in technology so that other childcare centres will not be able to get the competitive edge on you. This may be new technology such as interactive children’s toys for example the new electronic white boards which would make learning more enjoyable for the children.

Leading is concerned with the way in which managers interact with their staff. It involves communicating with and motivating employees. It will sometimes also involve resolving conflict between employees. The Human resource cycle involves the acquisition, development, maintenance and separation of employees. This is a continuous cycle and must remain so if the business is going to function properly. Acquisition is the stage that involves the identification of staffing needs, recruitment and selection. Development is the stage that involves training and developing employees as well as maintaining databases to keep employee records. Maintenance is providing the working conditions and work environment that motivate staff to be increasingly productive, gain satisfaction from their work and remain loyal. This can be through either

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