Business Requirements And Its Effects On Our Network

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1. Business Requirements Like any business we are susceptible to attacks and because of this we must protect what is ours and make sure bad guys cannot penetrate our network. Knowing this there has been a scan completed throughout the front-end public facing network and the internal network. This scan was completed to find the vulnerabilities ourselves. Bad guys have similar tools and can even use other techniques to find this information. There needs to be actions taken right away to ensure that these vulnerabilities get fixed so that the network can be safer that it presently is. 1.1. Background With so many vulnerabilities being found and with bad guys using so many different way to break into networks multiple products and multiple…show more content…
Some of the solutions are fairly simple and are at no cost and some of the solutions are at a higher cost. The way in which the ten solutions will be rolled out will be done in a way that we think makes sense with the risk/time being heavily taken into consideration. The goal is to have all ten solutions implemented in exactly one year from the start of the first project. 1.4. Customer or Market Needs Our biggest problems that need fixed are the vulnerabilities found in vulnerability scans done on the network as well as common known vulnerabilities that must be handled. Vulnerabilities includes: Having vulnerabilities is never a good thing and it is important to take care of the biggest issues first, then other issues can be taken care of afterwards. These ten vulnerabilities are the major ones that were fund and they pose the biggest risk to the business so these of course need to be fixed first. 1.5. Business Risks The biggest risk would be to not get these issues taken care of, but there are possible risks as well with fixing the issues. Such as users having issues doing their jobs because certain software isn’t working like it should. Or users getting blocked from websites that are business critical. Also, fixing PHP could lead to possible downtime for associated websites and thus lead
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